Horse Market

Horse Market

A horsey greeting!

You are welcomed to advertise the sale of your horse here. This page is meant for horses of all breeds that are raised in Estonia. You can find the price of advertising on the page describing our service. It can also be free of charge but we hope to be of use to you. 😉

If you’re interested in buying a horse and you find an interesting animal on our list, please let us know! We’ll quickly furnish you with all the information you need to start negotiations.

You can sort the horses in the table any way you like, based on any attribute. Just click once or twice on sex, breed, level of training, or price to sort the horses based on that. (On mobile devices, the sorting is more limited.) When you click on “View”, a new window will open with the sales profile of the horse.

All the prices are in euro (EUR). NB! The horses that are currently in the table are just samples, and they are not actually for sale.

Horses for Sale

estonian horse market
The photo was taken by Kaia Õispuu.