Our Service

Our Service

ESTONIAN HORSES is a web-market and information library that has two main aims:

  • To bring together sellers and buyers of horses – from Estonia and abroad.
  • To gather, store and display information about horse husbandry in Estonia, the local breeds, and horse breeding history.

The price of our service to sellers of horses is 49 euros per one sold horse. So long as we haven’t found a buyer for your horse, you are not obliged to pay anything. To the buyers of horses and to casual visitors, browsing this website is obviously free.


Selling a horse on this web-market consists of five steps.

  1. AGREEMENT. If you want to advertise your horse here for the purpose of selling it, please let us know. You can find the contact information on the right hand side of your screen (or, way down below, if you’re using a smart phone). Look for the title “Customer Service”. We will send you our short and simple Service Agreement, and after you have read and accepted it, you are ready to go.
  2. estonian horses
    The photo was taken by Kaia Õispuu.
    DESCRIPTION, PHOTOS & VIDEOS. Once you have accepted the Service Agreement, it’s time to send us as much information about the horse you want to sell as possible. You can send descriptions, photos, videos – it’s all good! We’ll use these to make a profile for your horse, and once you’ve decided on the price, we’re all ready to meet potential buyers.
  3. THE WAIT. Once we’ve made a profile for your horse, all you can do is wait. We, in the meantime, will be doing our best to spread the word about your horse and find potential buyers.
  4. THE SALE. Once we have found a person who is interested in your horse, we’ll give him/her your contact information, and you can sort everything out among yourselves. If you don’t speak the same language and need help with interpretation, you can count on us for that, as well.
  5. PAYMENT. Once your horse has been sold, it’s time to pay us as well. We will issue an invoice to you in the sum of 49 euros per one horse sold.


Buying a horse is simple!

  1. Look around in our Horse Market and see what you like.
  2. When you find an interesting animal, ask us for the owner’s contact information.
  3. Negotiate with him/her, and when everything is set, make the deal.

If you need our help interpreting, you can count on us for that as well.


estonian horsesYou can buy advertisement from us for you product or service. We need a bit of text and a small picture to make you a similar advertising window to the one we made for our saddle shop.

We don’t want to overload these pages with advertisements, so we will never have more than two advertising windows at a time, and these will stay on the side pane. We also don’t like flashing ads, so we only ask you for text and a picture whose format should be *.png or *.jpg.

The price of advertising is 0.33 euros per one day in one language. If, for example, you would like to advertise your service for 10 days in Estonian and English, the price would be 6.60 euros.